It is not the companies who should be telling gamers what to play. The gamers are the driving force! It is they who should be dictating the rules, while the game developers listen closely and turn their dreams into reality. Black Beacon is one of the few companies that adhere to this credo. Since our company was founded by a dedicated team of gaming industry experts, who understood this universal truth, the sole purpose of our company is to enrich the lives of gamers with astounding products.

Of course making dreams come true isn’t easy. It takes effort, commitment, inspiration, and a tiny pinch of genius to create a game that will shift the tide and become a trend-setter; a game that will go into the history as one-of-a-kind. As technologies develop, as young minds full of hopes, dreams, and ambitions enter the world of game development, the gaming world changes as well, morphing from a pastime into alternate reality.

Our company

All our effort is currently directed into the creation of a new project that bears the name – The Godlike. It is an F2P fantasy MOBA that will make your blood boil, as you fight an everlasting battle for dominance. Assume the image of a vain god that dictates the rules of the world and subverts the weak minds of mere mortals, sending them to fight in a battle with other poor souls. The blood will flow in endless streams and rivers, while the cries of the conquered will be drowned out by the battle cries of those who were victorious. Stay tuned!


Yes, experience is important. But what is experience without passion? Passion is the thing that drives you forward. Whether, you’re a veteran with a razor-sharp mind or an inexperienced yet very ambitious rookie, you will be able to find a place on our team.