Cookie Policy


1.1. This is the policy on cookies of LLC “Multigenregameworld”, based in Uborevicha street, 99, postal code 220096, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus. From this point hereafter, our company will be referred to as “Black Beacon.” The technologies engaged on our web pages collect different information to optimize your experience on the web. These technologies are usually called “cookies,” a broad term that is widely used online. This policy will go over the different cookie varieties Black Beacon uses and what influence you have over their use.

1.2. Hopefully, after reading this policy, you will feel more comfortable with cookies and better understand them. However, in the case that any additional questions come to mind, feel free to contact us at



2.1. Cookies can be described as tiny text files which are saved on computers and mobile devices after visiting certain websites. These items are intended to optimize website services and give customers an experience that is more familiar. It should be kept in mind that many different websites and web services can read and redact these files, allowing them to recognise your device and store information that will make your browsing on that website more convenient.



3.1. Here, you can read the following list of cookie types engaged on Black Beacon sites.

  • Essential Cookies. Cookies of this category are vital in providing efficient navigation and feature provision of our services for our clients. Without these cookies active, customers are not able to access certain parts of our websites as well as certain features, including access to secure sections of the website. All of these features are essential, so turning off these cookies will lead to a significant loss of access.
  • Performance Cookies. Cookies of this specific type (which also encompasses analytics cookies) function by collecting your information and statistics on the use of Black Beacon services, enable us to improve based on this information. For example, they help us learn which pages are the most popular on our website and log any problems and difficulties with services that come up. These cookies are also useful in providing navigation capabilities to users, including travelling back to pages previously visited.
  • Functionality Cookies. Functionality cookies are only used in certain cases. They function by saving the choices you make on our websites, which allows us to give a much more personalized experience and features like page customization, assistance with promotion-related applications, video views and posted commentary. They are meant to make Black Beacon services easier and faster for you to access.


4.1. To provide certain Black Beacon services, we sometimes collaborate with third parties. This includes analytics-based parties that use their own cookies to collect information on your activities on Black Beacon web pages. We do not regulate these cookies, so if you wish to reject and block them, you will need to resolve the issue with the relevant third party.



5.1. If you wish to reject cookies from the services on Black Beacon websites, you can do this in the settings section on your browser or mobile device. To get a further description of this task, you can check out a useful guide at , which also specifies information relevant to different browsers. If you do this, you should remember that disabling cookies will certainly affect some of the services provided on the site.



6.1. This cookie policy may by modified by us at any time deemed necessary, in order to meet requirements set by the law or Black Beacon services. You can see when the last change to the cookie policy was made by checking out the “Last Revised” date found at the top of this web page.



7.1. To learn more about your privacy conditions on our websites, you can read our Privacy Policy.