The Godlike

Spilling the blood of your enemies has never been as fun as with the “The Godlike”. Assuming the role of one of the vain gods, you’ll control champions of your choosing along with an army of 3 squads. No longer will your hero be a sole warrior on the battlefield as his battle-hardened forces will always be at his side.


The world you are thrown into is cruel and unforgiving. The hordes of blood-thirsty demons are skulking about the land of Aerd, looking to devour the weak and prey on the wounded. Only the strongest will prevail in the battle ahead, while the names of the unworthy will be quickly forgotten.


Mastering the skills of your hero is now equally as important as choosing the right squads to support him in battle. These companions are key to your survival as you assume the classic roles of MOBA-genre, including tank, damage dealer, and support. As you battle through the post-apocalyptic landscape of Aerd, you’ll be faced with many challenges, and the opposing team might prove to be the least bit of your troubles.


Almost everything in ‘The Godlike’ can be unlocked using the in-game currency acquired in battles. Thus, if you wish to try out different heroes, tactics, and images, you wouldn’t have to spend a single penny. However, only spending special resources will you be able to savor all the tasty aspects of thegame. This includes the chance to permanently purchase heroes to train them and acquire new skills.