Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy so that you may learn about Black Beacon’s policies on privacy, encompassing ways in which your personal info is collected and further manipulated.



1.1. “Multigenregameworld” is an LLC based in Uborevicha street, 99, postal code 220096, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus. From this point, the company will be referred to as “Black Beacon.”



2.1. This Privacy Policy is applicable to all Black Beacon websites and services like customer support, tech support, and many others, which will hereafter be referred to as “Black Beacon services.”

This page is intended to describe our policies on the collection of information in detail. Please remember that we are fully committed to following privacy laws.

2.2. The privacy policy outlined here pertains to both personal and non-personal collected data from the time you spend on Black Beacon websites and services. Personal info refers specifically to the information, which can optionally be applied to identify your persona.



3.1. When you access Black Beacon websites, Black Beacon may collect your information if it is considered relevant:

  • Any email address you submit to subscribe to a newsletter of ours
  • Technical information pertaining to the device you used to visit our websites, also including data pertaining to your network connection (and IP address), identification of mobile devices, details on your operating system, internet browser, and hardware used. This is not personal data because no specific data about your persona or identity is presented. This includes information on metrics and timed visit logs, how much traffic was used up, and your location.
  • Information about your social network use, under the condition that you have any social network accounts linked to our services. This can include data from Facebook, twitter, and other social networks such as friend lists and various analytical data, as long as this data collecting doesn’t violate the social networks’ terms of service. This is done to give you the most functionality when using Black Beacon services and best provide you with necessary support.


4.1. Our process of data collection encompasses the following aspects:

  • Data collected via customers’ use of Black Beacon services;
  • Information collected through communications with support services on an issue or query.


5.1. Cookies are the second major way of collecting data. To learn about how exactly this is done, feel free to read through the section we have dedicated to cookies (Cookie Policy).



6.1. By submitting info that is personal, you consent to its collection, storing, transfer, and processing. Black Beacon will try hard to maintain the security of your data and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands, and does not undergo any actions not specified in this privacy policy.

All user data is stored in Europe. The location is highly secure and we do our best to keep it that way.

6.2. Information provided by users to us is stored on secured servers that we protect with strict security and authorization measures.



7.1. Black Beacon may use your data and information to do the following things:

  • Present our services as efficiently as possible to any mobile device you use to access Black Beacon services.
  • Share the products, information and services requested by you and those potentially interesting to you. This includes sending emails, newsletters about Black Beacon services, as long as you give permission for these promotions.
  • Allow you to take part in the many interactive features offered by Black Beacon, as long as you want to.
  • Provide notifications regarding changes to our services and terms
  • Change and improve our services
  • Determine rates of conversion and calculate other performance-influencing elements of our service.


8.1. The services provided by Black Beacon may contain links to other sites and services classified as third parties. Our privacy policy cannot be applied to these services, so any access to them falls under their respective privacy policies.



9.1. You retain the right to make a request that we refrain from applying your personal info for marketing. If email notifications do not suit you, you can always unsubscribe from them.

9.2. Countries of the EU give their citizens the right to demand access to personal information saved by our services, so you can always contact us with this request or ask that we delete this data. Your request will be addressed with all reasonable efforts, but still reserve the right to reject it if it is deemed repetitive, infringing on privacy, or over-requested. Naturally, you will receive prior notice of these actions.

9.3. If you want to take advantage of the option described above or have other questions pertaining to this process, you can contact us at